About Us

Photo of our team in the office

Our why

We started PriceLevel for one reason: pricing transparency.
In a world where we can easily find compensation information online, we think we should be able to do the same for SaaS spend without having to “Contact Us”.

Our goals

Short-term: help customers maximize the value of third-party software through savings for new purchases, renewals, and analyzing existing spend.
Longer-term: enable software purchases in under a week.
Photo of Christine Luo
Co-founder / CEO

Christine Luo

As a product leader, Christine repeatedly bought software for her teams which led to PriceLevel. Prior to founding PriceLevel, Christine was the VP of Product for Hotel Engine and Head of Product for Wellfound (fka AngelList Talent). Christine and Steven met at OJO where she led the internal tools and partnership product teams. Christine began her career at Indeed seeing the company grow from 800 employees to 10,000 during her 7 year tenure spanning corporate development and product.
Christine is a lifelong skier and soccer player, and loves a good multi-hour strategic board game.
Photo of Steven Rapp
Co-founder / CTO

Steven Rapp

Steven is no stranger to evaluating and buying software. Working as a Software Engineer and Technical Lead in Austin for over a decade, Steven has seen companies of various scales, from Bazaarvoice to Main Street Hub to GoDaddy via an acquisition. Steven met Christine at OJO, where they partnered together on various projects before eventually founding PriceLevel together.
Steven is highly food motivated, loves video games, bleeds Verde for Austin FC, has a burgeoning addiction to golf, and hopes to one day earn five sweet points from Taskmaster Greg Davies.
P.S. Please don't tell Milka that I love all dogs, not just her.
Photo of Milka, our Chief Happiness Officer
Chief Happiness Officer


As a Golden Retriever, Milka loves people so having two humans working out of the house everyday is a dream. Her favorite ways to pass time include aggressively booping arms for pets, loudly chewing on her bones, and wading into the pool to announce her boredom. Also lots of naps. Milka's favorite time of the day is 5pm when she spins in a circle chasing her tail until dinner is served.
Milka is a proud graduate from Zoom Room where everybody calls her a good girl.