Save time and money
by unlocking pricing insights

You get 2 previews when you create a Starter account. To get unlimited access for all suppliers, turn Pro by contributing pricing insights or paying for access.
$499 per year
Billed at $499 (USD) per year to unlock unlimited access.
5 pricing insights per year
Contribute 5 pricing insights and get unlimited access for 1 year.
Your contribution helps level the pricing playing field for everyone.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Starter and Pro?

All users can see total price, SKUs purchased, and a sense of scale (when available) for free. The ability to see the pricing insight details vary depending on the plan.

The Starter plan is for members who have created an account but have not contributed pricing insights or paid for access. With the Starter plan, members receive 2 pricing insight previews.

The Pro plan gives members unlimited access to all of our pricing insights for any suppliers. Our pricing insights include a price breakdown, contract terms, negotiation levers, and buyer attributes.

How does the preview limit work?

Starter members will be able to select 2 pricing insights and click to reveal the price breakdown and contract terms for that insight. The 2 previews can be for the same supplier or different suppliers.

We have a counter of previews left at the top of the page. The click to reveal experience is to ensure members are explicitly choosing to use their preview on this pricing insight.

What happens when I hit my 2 preview limit on the Starter plan?

After the 2 previews are used, further pricing insights will be locked down. The 2 previews used remain available. In addition, members will continue to have access to the total price, SKUs purchased, and sense of scale for all suppliers.

To view unlimited pricing insights, members will have to upgrade to Pro which can be done through data contribution or payment for access.

When do I unlock Pro access?

If a member paid for Pro access, then access will be granted immediately upon successful payment.

If a member contributed their company's pricing insight, then we will do a quick review. After 5 pricing insights have been approved, we will send an email to the member granting them Pro access. We aim for same day approval, unless there are questions.

Why are there two options for Pro?

PriceLevel uses a give-to-get business model, and high quality contributions help level the pricing playing field for everyone. In our early stages, every pricing insight counts so we're offering unlimited access in exchange for 5 approved pricing insights from your company.

However, we know that not everybody has access to their company's pricing information. For users who want to unlock unlimited pricing insights without data to contribute, we have the option to pay $499 for 1 year of Pro.

What are my payment options?

We currently accept credit card payments through Stripe. The $499 will be billed up front granting immediate access for 12 months.

Can I get a receipt?

Yes. When a successful payment goes through, you'll automatically receive a receipt from Stripe to the email address on the account.

What type of new prices are you adding?

New prices are added based on requests from members as well as what's likely to attract new users. Not all requests can be met, but we try our best to make sure we're sourcing high quality prices.