Release Notes

Give-to-get credits

Steven Rapp
May 29, 2024
Hero image of Give-to-get credits

We’re introducing a new approach to our give-to-get model. For every verified data point you contribute, you’ll earn 1 credit that you can spend to unlock unlimited access to a single supplier for 30 days. These credits do not expire, so you can spend them whenever you like.

We decided to move to this give-to-get credit model to make it easier for you to unlock supplier insights more quickly. We also recognize committing to a subscription isn’t the best option for most folks, especially based on the cadence of software purchases and renewals.

You can unlock suppliers through their individual pages:

You can view your unlocked suppliers and transaction log of earned/spent credits, along with other purchases you’ve made through your account settings:

Moving away from Pro

As part of this change, we’re no longer offering the Pro plan to new customers. Existing customers who are already on the Pro plan will continue to have unlimited access to all suppliers until their subscription expires.

For more information, check out our updated pricing page, and if you have any questions, please reach out to us at

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