Release Notes

Revamped pricing insights

Steven Rapp
Jun 14, 2024
Hero image of Revamped pricing insights

A quick update on this Friday afternoon before the weekend! This week we began revamping our vendor pricing pages to provide more information while also doing some deeper dives into specific vendors: Carta, Gong, Greenhouse.

At the top of every pricing page, you’ll now see our Pricing Overview, showing the median annual price that buyers have actually paid for software. For a few vendors, such as Greenhouse pictured here, we’ve also included some other at-a-glance information, to help answer some common questions about their plans and pricing.

We’re also adding negotiation advice to vendor pages, to help you understand how to negotiate for the best price. These are insights taken from what buyers like you found to be effective.

Finally, every pricing page will also include alternatives to the vendor that you’re evaluating. Using comparable pricing from a competitor can give you an advantage when negotiating your contracts, and our goal is to make that quick and easy to find.

When we launched the initial version of PriceLevel, we had insights from only 20 vendors available. Now that we have over 85 vendors on our site, we wanted to add search capabilities to make it easy for you to navigate to the vendor you have in mind.

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